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Established in 2009 by Andreas Soteriou, the Nicosia Dance Center (NDC) aims to offer people the ability to dance socially, dance to entertain, or dance to communicate their deepest feelings.

The Nicosia Dance Center is a modern dance center created in order to give an alternative approach in the way of teaching and learning to dance. Accommodated in renovated dance studios equipped with high quality audio systems, with several conveniences to students and parents always characterized by consistency and responsibility.

Our teachers, with long term experience of teaching and dancing, high quality dance education abroad and numerous performances in Cyprus, Europe and US, are now ready to introduce you to the magic world of dance! Our goal is to offer our students quality and complete dance education.

NDC is a member of IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association), a fact that offers our students the possibility to undertake examinations in several dance styles such as Latin American, Club Dance (Social Latin), Street Dance, and Belly Dance. For these kinds of examinations, an examiner from UK is invited. The certificates and medals that our students earn from the exams are internationally recognized. We clarify that these exams are optional.

At NDC are offered classes for individuals of any age.
> General Dance Education classes are meant for children over six years old that are interested in learning a wide range of dances trained improving their technique and their physical skills. In these classes the students will be taught Latin dances, Street dance (hip hop), Greek dances, Cypriot traditional dances, Break dance and Contemporary dance.
> Ballet classes for children introduce them in classical dance where they develop a correct technique from their early years.
> For children of ages 4-6 years old we offer Creative Dance classes. The specific kind of dance gives children the possibility to develop physical and intellectual skills, to cultivate their musicality and the perception of different rhythms, but basically to learn how to use their body in order to expresses themselves. The ultimate purpose of these classes is to provide a new way of thinking and moving.
> Belly Dance classes for young girls are offered, where they can develop a better sense of the rhythm as a function of their body.
> For adults, we offer classes of Greek dances, Latin Dance, Belly Dance, Street Dance (Hip Hop), Contemporary dance, Flexibility and ZUMBA.

We offer reduced prices at the monthly fees and extra discount to students who wish to attend more classes, in order to encourage them to dance more. There are also special offers for families. Moreover, we offer three-month prepaid packages.

Andreas Soteriou
Founder and Director of NDC